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  • Political Declaration on NCDs agreed

    20th September 2018

    The Political Declaration for the HLM on NCDs was finally agreed by Member States in New York on 19 September, ahead of the High-Level Meeting on 27 September.

  • Launch of High-Level Commission report highlights NCDs’ toll in Middle East

    19th September 2018

    It’s time for political leaders in the Eastern Mediterranean to place NCDs at the top of their agendas, experts stressed at the launch of the report of the WHO Independent High-Level Commission on NCDs.

  • How to invigorate and intensify the NCD response, after the High-Level Meeting

    18th September 2018

    All eyes in the NCD community are on the 2018 High-Level Meeting on NCDs, on 27 September at UN Headquarters in New York. But what will happen the day after?

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