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mental health

  • NCDA Thematic Webinar "5x5", 24 April 2019

    08th April 2019

    This webinar will discuss with experts the strategic opportunity for the NCD response that has been presented by the inclusion of mental health and air pollution in the political declaration from the third high-level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on NCDs, noting that WHO will be invited to present sets of recommended policy interventions by 2020 on both issues.

  • Let’s act before it’s too late: India action for mental health

    09th February 2019

    Arogya World is making a clarion call to improve the recognition of mental health as part of healthy workplaces in India. At the annual 2018 Healthy Workplace Conference, the Bangalore Statement was issued facilitating new pledges and commitments from companies for mental health programmes.

  • A question of how, not if: the importance of including dementia in mental health discussions

    07th November 2018

    Dementia has grown in stature as a priority disease in the mental health debate, but we are far from acknowledgement of the epidemic it is. Meanwhile, we need more mental health support for people affected by dementia, writes Annie Bliss.

  • One month on from the HLM: cliff edge or springboard?

    24th October 2018

    Nina Renshaw hit the ground running when she joined NCDA as Director of Policy and Advocacy. Here she shares some observations in the first of a series of blogs reflecting on developments since the UN HLM.  

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