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A family planning mobilizer sings with nursing mothers at the start of a family planning visibility parade in Omuaran township, Nigeria
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Latest Publications and Multimedia

NCD Trailblazers: Integrating NCDs and Women's Health - spotlight on cervical cancer

04th April 2019

Our first NCD Trailblazers webinar focused on cervical cancer using a silo-busting policy approach to this… Find out more

Latest Civil Society Resources

Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs in Mexico

19th March 2019

This Advocacy Agenda of PLWNCDs in Mexico is the result of broad consultative processes during 2017 and… Find out more

Latest Statements, Submissions & Briefings

144th WHO EB Statement on Item 5.6 Health, environment and climate change

28th January 2019

Statement on Executive Board 144 agenda Item 5.6: delivered by UICC supported by NCD Alliance.

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